Vessti is an open marketplace for alternative investments.

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Access to a wealth of opportunity

Investing is more than just stocks and bonds. The most successful investors know that exposure to alternatives can help you hedge and amplify the performance of your investment portfolio. Yet, despite their importance, investors have a limited view and even more restricted access to hedge funds, venture capital, private equity and other SEC- regulated alternative offerings available to them. Most investment platforms show only a small number of available options – if any at all.

Vessti gives investors transparency and access to the widest group of these investments, allowing you to evaluate offerings in a single, easy-to-use marketplace. Whether you work with an advisor or manage your own portfolio, Vessti widens your view of the market and opens doors to new opportunities. We want to give you access to the type of strategies you need to diversify your portfolio and maximize opportunity.

Transparency for better decisions

These investments naturally require diligence. Vessti gives investors easy access to information so they can best assess what fits well for their individual risk profile and goals. Vessti doesn’t sell alternative investments or profit through sales and trading of alternative investments. Rather, we provide transparency to a marketplace that investors rarely see. This allows investors to educate themselves in a way that was not possible before.

The future of investing: empowering the individual

Vessti empowers individuals to take more control of their investments, giving them access to opportunities previously out of reach to all but a select few. If stock picking marked the rise of the individual investor, Vessti represents the next big revolution, empowering those who want to broaden and diversify their investments—opening up immense opportunities outside of traditional options.

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