About Us

Vessti is an app that provides individuals a wider view of the alternative investment landscape, allowing them to evaluate offerings in a single, easy-to-use marketplace. Before Vessti, investors had a limited view of—and even more restricted access to—hedge funds, venture capital, private equity and other alternative investments. By providing transparency to a marketplace that investors rarely see, Vessti is helping to empower the wider investing population in a way that has not been done before.



Vessti opens up a world of financial opportunity for all investors, whether you work with an advisor or manage your own portfolio.

For founder Tom Intrator, the inspiration for Vessti came to him while in a Paris café, sitting with two friends—a commercial real estate broker/marketer and a doctor. While he and his real estate friend talked business, the doctor was busy swiping through a dating app. That’s when the light bulb went off. Why not put the two together?

It was an “aha” moment a long time in the making. A self-made, self-taught investor, developer and entrepreneur, Mr. Intrator cut his teeth in the brutal world of distressed real estate in the wake of the 2008 market crash, and eventually went on to amass a real estate portfolio valued at approximately $300 million.

As his portfolio grew, Mr. Intrator started to explore ways to raise capital more efficiently, ultimately turning his attention to the broker-dealer industry. But as he got deeper into the process, he identified a major inefficiency: investors only see a small slice of the investment options available to them and generally have limited contact with the actual fund managers and sponsors they are looking to invest with.

With Vessti, investors have never had more control, with easy access to an almost limitless number of investment opportunities. For Mr. Intrator, an idea dreamed up in a Paris café is now the next big revolution in alternative investment, empowering individuals who want to take more control of their investments and their financial futures.